Introducing Maker Monkey Workshop!

I am so excited to share something with you that I've been working hard on all summer. Like most moms I know, I am constantly trying to find that perfect balance between pursuing my own endeavors and adventures while being an amazing parent to my kids.

Earlier this year I was really struggling with my (now former) business and just waiting for that "light bulb moment" to figure out where I should go next. Around that time, my son Ryder asked me to come to his school for career day to talk about my job. I felt very apprehensive. It felt like things were starting to fall apart around me and to be honest, I didn't feel much like talking about it. In spite of feeling self-couscous about my career at that moment, I rallied... because that's what we do for our kids, right?

I focused on creating a fun activity for the kids and really wanted to make Ryder proud. But wow, what happened in that classroom changed everything. A group of four-year-olds changed everything.

I brought my tools and we made necklaces. We used hammers and sandpaper and metal and the kids looked at each object with fascination and curiosity. I suddenly saw the world through the eyes of a child, and for the first time in a long time I felt excited and inspired. I thought, "This is it. This is what's next”.

After some soul searching on my own and some hammering with Ryder in the garage, I decided to take this idea and shape it into a real business that will include after-school workshops for kids where they would learn how to use real tools to build and create art. Ryder has been "monkeying around" with me for a while, and now I would like to invite you and your kids to come experience Metal Monkey Workshop firsthand.

You can click here for information on upcoming workshops.

I would also appreciate feedback of any kind! So please, dig into the website and shoot me a text or email to let me know what you think. I am incredibly excited about this next phase. Thanks so much for your continued support, I hope to see you and your monkeys in my workshop soon!


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We do things differently.


Maker Monkey is about so much more than arts and crafts. The toys and activities we share with our kids now will influence the way they interact with the world around them in the future. As a kid, I enjoyed building my own dollhouse with my dad in his workshop as much as I enjoyed playing with the dolls that came with it. My parents taught me an important lesson about gender-equality simply by letting me be me.


As a female-founded building company, I am all about defying gender stereotypes and encouraging kids to explore their interests even when they are unconventional. 


Behind every Maker Monkey project is the desire to get kids to feel the sensitivity of an artist as much as the strength of a builder without categorizing either as being exclusively masculine or exclusively feminine.


We care deeply about the little souls we build with, which means we also need to take care of the world that they are inheriting. All Maker Monkey Building Kits are proudly handmade in Miami, FL from responsibly sourced upcycled wood and we use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Our goal is to protect and preserve our resources while teaching our kids to do the same.

My Mantra is: "Do good doing what you love." In other words, be yourself and take care of the people and world around you. This takes courage, creativity... and sometimes a hammer.

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