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About Us

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Maker Monkey DIY Kits teach kids how to use REAL TOOLS to build, create, and design.

We offer a variety of at-home building kits that teach kids new skills, build their confidence, and allow them to express their creativity.


Give a kid a hammer.


When we put real tools in children's hands, we empower them with knowledge and skills that help build confidence. Kids will discover that their small hands are capable of big things!


In addition to being a lot of fun, working with tools helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, independence, problem-solving, conceptualization, and mathematic skills such as counting measuring, sorting, and more.


We can't wait to see the amazing creations that your child will make! 


Sarah Wilson

Head Monkey

Woodworking Teacher
Hi! I'm Sarah - woodworker, and mom of two curious and compassionate little boys. I worked in jewelry design and sculpture for over a decade after graduating from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. (Go Blue!) When my first son Ryder was old enough to understand what mom does for a living, he had lots of questions about what exactly I do and how I do it. I began letting him "monkey around" in my studio where he had (guided) access to just about every tool imaginable. Soon enough, the idea for Maker Monkey Workshop was born. It is so exciting to watch my boys grow more confident and capable with every strike of the hammer, and that's exactly what I want to give to other children.
My workshop is similar to the one my dad let me tinker around in as a kid. As a young girl, I understood how special and different it was that I didn't just get to play with my dollhouse, I actually got to build it too. Being a girl with a hammer was empowering... and it still is. The magic of building as play and the importance of ignoring gender stereotypes is something that transformed my childhood and strongly influenced my path in life.
My goal is to create unique projects that unlock creativity, encourage curiosity, and build confidence. I'm confident that every Maker Monkey building kit will provide a special experience that you won't find anywhere else! I believe that helping kids develop creative skills through hands-on projects is an important part of their growth and development that will help them thrive in the real-world.  Click here to check out our latest collection of DIY Building Kits.


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