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Make your own ocean-inspired bookends! This is a great DIY project for kids or beginner woodworkers of any age. What could be better than a good book on the beach? 


This solid wood craft building kit includes all of the tools and materials your child needs to create this unique DIY project.


This kit includes:

• bookend wood pieces 
• nails
• sandpaper
• wood glue
• 6 color paint set
• 1 paintbrush
• instructions (written and visual)
• 6" hammer -(optional - please select from the dropdown menu)


Maker Monkey Building Kits contain small parts including wood pieces and nails. Adult supervision is ALWAYS advised. Recommended for children age 6 and up, but please use your own discretion as children's motor skills develop at different rates. 

DIY Bookends Wood Craft Building Kit for Kids

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